WHAT A TEASE: Volvo shows off it's Concept FHXXL Concept cab in Brisbane.

Volvo's FH XXL concept cab surprise

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TEASING the Brisbane Truck Show crowd,  Volvo Trucks has unveiled its concept FH XXL cab to customers and partners as part of its Volvo Trucks customer dinner.   

"We are extremely excited to be introducing the FH XXL cab concept here in Australia. As always, we have been listening closely to our customers and there has been a strong and clear demand for this product," Vice President of Volvo Truck Australia, Mitch Peden said.   

Designed with the driver in mind, the FH XXL concept cab is 200 millimetres longer than the current XL Globetrotter cab and makes noticeable improvements to the driver's work and living conditions with additional space for accommodation and storage.  

  "Showcasing the FH XXL cab signals our intention to bring this project to commercial reality. There have been some obvious challenges to developing a product that is considered niche in the global product portfolio," Mitch said.

 "However the fact that we are able to showcase a concept cab today shows that we are committed to bringing this product to market while also underlining the importance of the Australian market and customers within Volvo Trucks' global operations."  

The concept cab is currently not a part of the Volvo Trucks product portfolio and will undergo rigorous testing to meet stringent safety and quality standards before it is introduced in Australia.  

Gavin Blue Photography