Home fills with "effluent" as the council does nothing

A WARWICK woman says she is disappointed by council inaction after sewage flooded her Wallace St home.

On April 4, Lithia Kusu was alerted to effluent flooding the house she shares with her young children while staying in a Toowoomba Hospital.

Her father, Anthony Williams, contacted Southern Downs Regional Council on his daughter's behalf but said he was met with a deplorable response.

"All the council people I've spoken with have wiped their hands of it and they're not willing to do anything, even when she's in hospital," Mr Williams said.

"They say the flooding is because Lithia put a wheelie bin over the top of a drain that's supposed let sewage flood outside instead of in the house but I don't think any reasonable person would know that."

Council water and waste water manager Tendekai Mapeza said the inundation at Ms Kusu's home resulted from the blocked drain channeling in excess waste from a sewer choke at Law Rd in the previous week.

"The overflow relief gully was found to be covered with grass and with a wheelie bin positioned on top," he said.

"Mr Williams was advised that, while Council certainly sympathised with the tenant in this instance, council was unable to assist as it is the responsibility of the property owner to keep the overflow relief gully clear so it can operate as designed when there is a blockage in the wastewater mains."

Ms Kusu said the entire house had been contaminated but her former has since hired cleaners.

"Nothing is retrievable from the house apart from the pictures on the walls, and the lino needs to be ripped up - I'm gutted," she said.

"I think it's pretty pathetic of the council to wipe their hands of this because I don't think anyone would know not to put a wheelie bin there.

"I'm disappointed they couldn't help but hopefully this could prevent someone else going through this."

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