DONALD Trump has been described as bold, courageous, and a son of God during a "prophetic" prayer already viewed more than a 130,000 times on Facebook. 

Pastor Paul Marc Goulet, the senior pastor of the International Church of Las Vegas, said in the post: "We are a church that loves all people. God has a prophetic destiny on everyone's life - and Donald Trump is no exception!"

The video shows Ps Goulet's wife Denise, who is described as having an international prophetic ministry, pray over Mr Trump, declaring that he had been a good son to his own father.

"What I was hearing the Lord say is this is my son with whom I am well pleased.''

"I have prepared you for such a time as this... you have been prepared for this time of battle.''

"God has given you the backbone and courage to say yes to this challenge.''

She then goes on to pray for all the arrows of attack against Mr Trump to be removed from his back and prays that his family would be surrounded "like God surrounded Jerusalem".

"You have your hand on this man and you have prepared him for it,'' she says in the prayer.

"I thank you that he is fearless and he's courageous.

"I thank you that he is bold.

"This comes from the Lord. This comes from God."

Mr Trump, who looks somewhat awkward throughout the prayer,  is then asked to open his hands so that "what is in this house in prayer can be poured into you''.

Mr Trump is then told he has generous heart and the 'spirit of stewardship'.

The Republican presidential hopeful has appealed to the Christian lobby in the US with his stance against abortion and his promise to bring prayer back into the classroom.

But his moral failures have some questioning whether he should be endorsed by any church.

Jonny Wright wrote on the Facebook post: "It's one thing to vote for the man for policy reasons, or as a protest vote against Hillary, but nothing saddens me more than to see followers of Christ and leaders of the church using the Lord's name to align themselves with a man who's life, words, and actions epitomize everything Jesus warned us against: greed, lust, wrath, evil...

"A man who delights and brags of sexual exploits, who says his philosophy in life is "Get even with people. If they screw you, screw them back 10 times as hard" who says he "doesn't need to ask God's forgiveness" because "he doesn't do anything wrong."

"Everything about this man is the opposite of who and how Christ taught us to be- the fruits of his life are the proof.

"There is no quicker way to discredit yourself and your voice as a discerning Pastoral leader in the Church than to say he is anointed by God, or is even the moral choice by a Godly standard. Leave God out of this- stop using His name in vain.



But others defended Trump, saying he was 'born again a couple of months ago''.

"Everyone has a past! He is now a new creature in Christ. Allow Him to grow in his new life,'' one wrote.

"Don't look at Trump's past...look at his present and his future. His heart for America. And don't believe everything the media tells you about him,'' another wrote.

"Everyone is so busy looking at his flaws that people miss the bigger picture. Please do your research on this election and vote based on the candidate that represents your morals and values.''

Derrick Gyening was not impressed though. "Lol this has to be a joke. Yes God loves Donald Trump. God loves everyone, which is very true.

"The hand of the Lord is not upon this man. It's pretty much common sense. There is nothing holy about this man. It's the sad truth. But I do pray that he does change and become a God fearing person in this life."

EM Mor wrote: "The Lord has a plan for everyone. This is a mighty man of God who has a mighty good heart and the sharp swords of integrity. Don't believe the media hype. The main stream media is all sold out, paid up and bought out. 

"They have intentionally brain washed the masses."

Wesley Broussard wrote:  "When she prayed to remove the arrows... that was beautiful. Did you see his face when she prayed about the threats? When he waited for the Lord's presence at the end? Beautiful. Probably not voting for him, but so happy to see the Church love well."

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