The sun shining through the fog over Cattle Creek at Finch Hatton.
The sun shining through the fog over Cattle Creek at Finch Hatton. Jonathan Reichard

Weather is heating up in the Burnett

IT'S predicted to be a warmer week in the Burnett as temperatures soar to 30 degrees by Tuesday morning.

According to the Bureau of Metereology, this time last year temperatures were sitting at an average of 24.6 degrees; however they're expected to increase in the next few weeks.

Bureau of Metereology meteorologist David Crock said it was unusual to see this kind of temperature in winter but said it won't be 30 degrees everyday.

"We've got above average temperatures this time of the year, we've got a slow moving high pressure system in Western Australia which is coming here," Mr Crock said.

"That means clear sunny skies everyday.

"The high pressure system is dragging the air down from the north-west."

Residents were encouraged to be sun safe.

"The sun is always powerful in Queensland so it's a good idea to wear a broad brimmed hat and to wear sunscreen," Mr Crock said.

Asked whether or not this will affect what spring will bring, Mr Crock said it shouldn't.

"It doesn't have any bearing on what the next season will bring, it's been quite dry so that could play a part in it," he said.

"No rain is forecast at all for the Burnett, but minimum temperatures will be three degrees on Thursday morning and then it will increase to seven to eight by next week."

Burnett water safe to drink

Burnett water safe to drink

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