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Westpac restores mobile banking and 'live online' services

ONE of Australia's largest banks is rushing to repair "intermittent issues" affecting its online services.

Westpac Bank confirmed its "Westpac Live Online" and Mobile Banking services are suffering technical difficulties.

"Our team is currently investigating the issue to restore full service as quickly as possible," the bank wrote on social media.

"Customers can continue to access our ATMs and EFTPOS facilities and make credit card payments as normal."

The Westpac services resumed as normal on Thursday afternoon.

SERVICE RESTORED: Westpac Live Online & Mobile Banking services are now fully available. If you are using the Mobile...

Posted by Westpac on Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Some Westpac users have been frustrated by the outage, criticising the major lender on its Facebook page.

Others however are defending the bank, saying it has a long history of good customer service.

Jason Mulvihill
Westpac Dissapointing' lucky i know my Telephone Banking details. And carry some cash on me. Otherwise i would be stuck like other people on here. Not good customer service at all!

Vi Saez
Do you know how long this will be Westpac As I really need to access my account online and don't remember my 3 digit pin to access telephone banking, thanks

Neil McLean
This happens all too often. May I suggest you spend a small percentage of your enormous profits and build a decent IT system!

Marika Honkanen 
Wow on all the haters! Calm down people! I've been with Westpac for 15 years and this is only the 3rd time I've experienced an issue. I'm sure they're not sitting there twiddling their thumbs, the service will be back up soon. Geez!

Denise Seymour
Yes great, on payday with loads of bills due for payment and limited time today to pay them. This is a joke! Need to change banks!

Charles Canag
Cool off people... At least Westpac is doing something to repair a problem through a clean
update + Digital things needs an update in order to work securely that is how the online world function... I do not see any issues with that. They did inform you that you can still "use their ATM machine".
I cannot understand how furious you people you are! These are people too you know?! They even saved my life from a personal problem with my accounts. Keep up the good work Westpac!

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