What to watch this free data day

AFTER their mobile phone and internet system crashed twice in a matter of days, Telstra has offered another day of free data this Sunday.

With a day of free internet, there is plenty to download and stream to entertain you.

Plan your downloading well enough, you could have download enough content to keep you entertained for weeks to come.

Here's a few suggestions to help make the most of Telstra's free data day.


If you are a fan of supernatural teen series, then Shadowhunters is the one for you. 

Based on The Mortal Instruments book series, the series follows Clary Fray who discovers she was born a Shadowhunter, destined to a life of fighting vampires, werewolves and other demons. 

Netflix's latest teen drama has all the love triangles, over-dramatization and twisting plot expected of the genre to make it a solid watch. 

Available on Netflix.


The West Wing

In the age of Donald Trump, American politics is just scary at the moment. 

If you are looking for an escape to the horrors of the primary race, the idealism of the fictional Jed Barlett presidency is the perfect antidote.

Available on iTunes and Stan.



If you are looking for volume, Supernatural is the series to go for. 

Just green-lit for a 12th series, the Winchester Brothers are still going strong, despite dying a lot.  Just a warning with this one, the first series can be a little scary so maybe don't watch in the dark, on your own, at night.

Available on iTunes and Netflix.



The show about nothing is perfect for some mindless viewing. 

The fashion, pop references and fashion may be a bit dated but a good majority of the jokes still hit home.

Available on iTunes.


Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow

They may be four separate shows but the DC comic spin-offs are so intrinsically entwined that you need to watch them all at the same time.

Watch with an online episode guide handy for each to make sure you see the crossovers in the right order.

Available on iTunes and Stan.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

If you haven't seen this Tina Fey comedy then this weekend is the time to do it. 

Biting social commentary combined with rampant silliness is a winning combination. 

Available on Netflix.

What TV shows will  you be downloading this free data day?

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