A SYDNEY-BASED Wing Chun master is hoping to bring his unique set of skills to Bundaberg.

Wing Chun sifu master Robert Ardito, who runs Shiu Lung Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy, held a workshop in Bundaberg recently and said the feedback he received from students was fantastic.

"My Bundaberg students were so impressed with what they had learnt in a few hours that they are asking me to run regular Evolved Wing Chun classes," he said.

"I would like to start classes from April 13."

Mr Ardito is the Guinness World Record Holder for number of punches thrown in one minute.

In 2005, he eclipsed the 381-punch record with a flurry of 428 punches.

Watch that video here

He then had to defend his title twice.

In 2007 he won the title with 702 punches in one minute and in 2009 he scored 805 punches in one minute, which equates to 13.4 strikes per second and remains the record.

Known for its close-combat style, Wing Chun was developed in southern China about 350 years ago by the Buddhist nun Ng Mui, who was a master of Shaolin Kung Fu.

"Using her martial training and personal experience, Ng Mui created a system of Kung Fu to target weaknesses in the other combat styles of her era," Mr Ardito said.

"This style of kung fu known as Wing Chun provided an advantage to smaller fighters."

Mr Ardito said soon after beginning his teaching career, those of his students who were substantially taller, muscled-up devotees of the modern gym presented problems due to their longer reach and very strong grips and holds.

"Overcoming such problems was what sparked my working on the innovation now trademarked and patented as Evolved Wing Chun," he said.

"Evolved Wing Chun brings increased power to the traditional art of Wing Chun, with biomechanically astute application of torso, deltoid and forearm rotations, hand flexions, and gyrations of the elbow within our multi-dimensional surroundings."

Mr Ardito said his students ranged from ages six to 85 years of age.

"I have seen my students progress rapidly due to the practicality and simplicity of this unique innovated system of Wing Chun," he said.

"It is very rewarding to watch my students gain confidence."

Anyone interested in learning Evolved Wing Chun and who would like further details regarding times and locations can contact Bundaberg workshop co-ordinator Amanda on 0408 009 007

Wing Chun Facts

It was created by a woman - Buddhist nun Ng Mui

It uses 100% of your body weight to deliver explosive power in a short distance

Famous practitioners include Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen

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