WASH down facilities across the region are in need of an upgrade.

One reason for this is grey nomads using inappropriate chemicals in dump points.

North Burnett Regional councillor Paul Lobegeier said the Mingo Crossing Caravan Park is regularly victim to unsuitable chemical content.

"Some of the inappropriate chemicals make sewage plants malfunction and the smaller the plant, the less they are able to cater for those inappropriate chemicals," he said. "We need to ensure that when the button is pressed, it works."

A report prepared by North Burnett Regional Council manager of technical services Trevor Harvey investigated ways of keeping the particular dump point going.

"From a treatment perspective, the only compliant solution to keeping the dump point is to separate the two sewage sources, purchase and install a collection tank adjacent the dump point and have this pumped out regularly," the report said.

"The effluent from this tank will need to be taken to a large treatment plant (Bundaberg) as this amount of chemically treated sewage would severely affect any treatment plant in the North Burnett Regional Council."

Another high priority on the list of "needs upgrade" is the Gayndah public facility.

It requires immediate maintenance works of cleaning the effluent detention, with the upgrade to cost about $5000.

The most expensive facility on the plan is the Mundubbera depot, with work to cost about $45,000.

The money would go to fix cracking and movement in the existing slab, and an effluent treatment system would be designed and retrofitted to the existing facility.

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